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Innovative program for Brazilian students

Family & Friends - International School and the Study Vacation in partnership with California State University Long Beach, one of the largest universities in the state of California, with an infrastructure that distinguishes it as one of the most complete US and location


It offers a program of international educational experience focusing on the exclusive Global Leaders Program.

With approximately 35,000 students from different backgrounds, CSU Long Beach was founded in 1949 and is one of the largest university campuses in the United States.

Reference in TED Talks, focused on the meaning of the acronym TED - technology, entertainment and design, CSU Long Beach is one of the pioneers in the development of academic entrepreneurial programs focused on Global Challenges and in the discussion and prototyping of social and environmental projects relevant to the main global problems.

And it is in this avant-garde scenario and first-class academic context that the Future Global Leaders Hands On and Language for Future Global Leaders programs are held for students with different levels of experience and language skills

1. Future Global Leaders Program - 3 weeks

In their international educational experience, students participate in the program and have the opportunity to deepen in concepts of entrepreneurship, communication, global challenges and technology development to solve global problems.

Future Global Leaders Hands On is intended for students who are already included in a context of international training and competence in Brazil and who, therefore, already have a repertoire that helps them to follow the challenges proposed in the program, aimed at discussing topics of comprehensiveness and global importance, entrepreneurship and diverse vocational experiences. You will also be asked to develop a technology that solves a global problem.

After conducting research and immersing themselves in the topics chosen, students develop a thesis based on Design Thinking and prepare to present their point of view to fellow students and faculty members of the university's own staff. Well-prepared, they receive professional support that includes even public speaking and body language training, which helps them develop confidence and security when introducing themselves.

The students also participate in vocational workshops that address topics of great complexity and interest, such as Medical, in which they perform the simulation of a childbirth in a robot, as if they were paramedics. They still learn the techniques of first aid and also to apply injection, besides taking vital signs. In Pre Law, they receive classes from a Long Beach court judge, who explains the American model of legislation, the major variations in state laws, inspiration in the Hamurabi code, the evolution of laws, and the influence of British law.



Complementing the experience, they participate in the simulation of a court trial, experiencing a simulation and representing the various protagonists. In an ecological and sustainable approach, they visit Ecohouse, an intelligent house, totally built with raw material from demolition, where they observe the main agents for the sustainability of the planet, involving the use of solar energy, intelligent use of water, reuse of demolition material, and other aspects that aim to raise awareness about some of the major global problems.

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2. Language for Future Global Leaders

his program is designed for students who want to improve their language skills. In an academic context have much more than the development of proficiency, but the experience and acquisition of multicultural repertoire.


During the program, students take classes with licensed teachers at the university, experiencing day to day life within a campus, with all the routine and coexistence that an academic environment can provide.


TED Talks: defense of thesis and argumentation

At the conclusion of the program, after conducting research and immersion on the topics chosen, students participate in the so-called TEDTalks, in which they will be guided to develop a thesis and prepare to present their point of view to program colleagues and teachers of the university. Grounded, they receive professional support that includes even oral and body language training assisting in the development of self-confidence.

Academic Experience in International University


During their stay at CSULB, young people have the opportunity to attend classes taught by faculty members of the university, as well as to meet students from different continents, which will give them an even more interesting cultural repertoire. Resources such as state-of-the-art laboratories, practical activities and the entire modern educational structure of the institution are made available to students during their stay.


Based on an important social question, the experience of volunteer work constitutes an important focus on the education of the "citizen of the world". In addition to the classes, participants have the opportunity to develop cultural integration activities such as technical visits and voluntary work for the community, where they organize basic food baskets for needy families and rescue the history of Senior Citizens with an exchange of experiences that benefit both sides .


In this same line of learning, the program included a fantastic experience at Disneyland, with participation in the YES (Youth Education Series) program, in which Disney professionals teach principles of leadership, motivation and entrepreneurship as well as teamwork. Teens are enthusiastic about the presentation and feel motivated to be part of a differentiated syllabus like YES that provides them with a practical educational adventure.


In daily chores, students perform practical activities such as washing their own clothes, learning to share space with roommates, shopping in malls and supermarkets, and learning to handle their own money, all with the supervision of experienced guides in the area education.


At the end of the course, all students receive a certificate of completion and a report on pedagogical achievement and participation in the Future Global Leaders Program, issued by the university itself.

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