Our Classes

In the English course for children and adolescents, the lessons are covered within your level of study.

All levels are referenced by the CEFR - European Reference Framework for Linguistics.

Throughout the program, students check their progress in English learning by submitting the official MET, ECCE, TOEFL and ECPE exams, which are offered within the curriculum of our language course.

Starting at the age of 7, our students score up to 116 points on the TOEFL ibt before entering high school (14 years old).

With a TOEFL-proven English proficiency, at the age of 14 students have the ability to study the same subjects
that American students study at American High School!

The knowledge of English is enhanced through daily lessons in writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. In this way, with daily classes, the learner internalizes the language learned more easily and uses it more naturally and spontaneously.

Writing is already inserted in Elementary (elementary level) so that at the end of the course the concluding one is able to compose an essay in English in the same standard of a good writing in Portuguese language.

The development of the pedagogical practice of listening and speaking takes place in the classroom with the vast audio material and situations in which students talk to one another and improve their English based on everyday life.

Reading is acquired through the teaching material of support with modern and effective texts approach within the capacity level of the student.

Still supporting the 4 skills (Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking), there are Extra Curricular VAT (Video Activity Test) labs where students watch videos with different everyday situations and methodological approaches made by the teacher showing relevant factors of culture of English-speaking countries and the GAT (Grammar Activity Test) lab with a focus on grammar and vocabulary in the language itself, in which they will provide subsidies for good writing in English.

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